Mission Statement

The Empire State Music And Arts Festival is an annual multi-genre music and arts celebration that seeks to cultivate relationships between musicians, performance and visual artists, community organizations, and startups in order to strengthen the platforms for independent artists and emerging entrepreneurs.


We do what we do for the love of music. Through hosting some of NYC's best shows, we provide artists with a stage to showcase their talent and an audience to appreciate it. Filled with an overwhelming amount of creators, this city can sometimes deliver an underwhelming amount of exposure. In response, we have extended our festival to 5 days to foster as many independent artists as possible.


The Empire State Music & Arts Festival is the brainchild of artist Kerry Blu. Like most that come to NYC, Kerry arrived with a vision of sharing his work, stages, and spaces with like-minded people. He quickly learned the difficulties in receiving proper stage time and exposure in an over-saturated market.

Bound by his determination and passion, Kerry created the Empire State Music & Arts Festival as a direct solution for the struggle that many independent artists experience. Now in its 5th year, the festival has hosted such notable artists as Kota the Friend and Michael Bloom. This year promises to be its biggest yet!

our Partners

We are looking to cultivate lasting relationships with community organizations, corporate sponsors, startups, and entrepreneurs. We hope to provide positions for employment and are currently developing volunteer programs and charitable donation opportunities. We look forward to all the great possibilities these relationships will provide.

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